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P1112 2007 FORD FUSION Code - Intake Air Temperature Sensor Intermittent Condition

Repair Importance Level: 3/3
Repair Difficulty Level: 2/3  What is this?
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|P1112 2007 FORD FUSION code possible causes

  • Faulty Intake Air Temperature Sensor
  • Intake Air Temperature Sensor harness is open or shorted
  • Intake Air Temperature Sensor circuit poor electrical connection
  • Damaged Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

|How is the P1112 2007 FORD FUSION code repair?

Start by checking the "Possible Causes" listed above. Visually inspect the related wiring harness and connectors. Check for damaged components and look for broken, bent, pushed out, or corroded connector's pins.

|P1112 2007 FORD FUSION code tech notes

Before replacing the mass air flow sensor, try replacing the air filter and cleaning the air flow sensor with mass air flow sensor cleaner. Reset code and drive vehicle. If the code comes back, it may be necessary to replaced the mass air flow sensor. Monitor the IAT on a scan tool. Look for sudden changes in the reading when the harness is wiggled or the sensor is tapped.

|What is the cost to diagnose the P1112 2007 FORD FUSION code

Labor: 1.0

The cost to diagnose the P1112 2007 FORD FUSION code is 1.0 hour of labor. The auto repair's diagnosis time and labor rates vary by location, vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type. Most auto repair shops charge between $75 and $150 per hour.

|What are P1112 2007 FORD FUSION code possible symptoms?

  • Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)

|What is P1112 2007 FORD FUSION code meaning?

The IAT sensor is a thermistor device in which resistance changes with temperature. The electrical resistance of a thermistor decreases as the temperature increases, and the resistance increases as the temperature decreases. The varying resistance affects the voltage drop across the sensor terminals and provides electrical signals to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) corresponding to temperature.
Thermistor-type sensors are considered passive sensors. A passive sensor is connected to a voltage divider network so that varying the resistance of the passive sensor causes a variation in total current flow. Voltage that is dropped across a fixed resistor in a series with the sensor resistor determines the voltage signal at the PCM. This voltage signal is equal to the reference voltage minus the voltage drop across the fixed resistor.
The IAT sensor provides air temperature information to the PCM. The PCM uses the air temperature information as a correction factor in the calculation of fuel, spark, and air flow.
The IAT sensor provides a quicker temperature change response time than the ECT or CHT sensor.
Currently there are 2 types of IAT sensors used, a stand alone, non-integrated type and an integrated type. Both types function the same, however the integrated type is incorporated into the mass air flow (MAF) sensor instead of being a stand-alone sensor.

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