P0505 SCION - Idle Control System Malfunction

Repair Importance Level: 3/3
Repair Difficulty Level: 2/3  What does this mean?

P0505 SCION Possible Causes

  • Open or short in IAC valve circuit
  • IAC valve stuck or closed
  • A/C switch circuit
  • Air induction system
  • Ventilation valve and hose
  • ECM

First diagnose P0505 SCION code

    Check the "Possible Causes" listed above. Visually inspect the related wiring harness and connectors. Check for damaged components and look for broken, bent, pushed out, or corroded terminals.

Cost of diagnosing the P0505 SCION code

    Labor: 1.0

    The cost of diagnosing the P0505 SCION code is 1.0 hour of labor. The auto repair labor rates vary widely across the country, and even within the same city. Most auto repairs shops charge between $75 and $150 per hour.

When is the P0505 SCION code detected?

The ECM regulates the idle speed by opening and closing the throttle valve using the ETCS. The ECM concludes that the idle speed control ECM function is malfunctioning if: 1) the actual idle RPM varies more than the specified amount five times or more during a drive cycle, or 2) a learning value of the idle speed control remains at the maximum or minimum five times or more during a drive cycle. The ECM will turn on the MIL and set a DTC.
Example: If the actual idle RPM varies from the target idle RPM by more than 200* rpm five times during a drive cycle, the ECM will turn on the MIL and will set a DTC.

P0505 SCION Possible Symptoms

  • Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)
  • Engine hard to start
  • Rough or erratic idle speed

P0505 SCION Meaning

The Idle Air Control (IAC) valve, a rotary solenoid type, is located under the throttle body. Intake air bypassing the throttle valve flows into the IAC valve through a passage. The valve regulates the volume of intake air that bypasses the throttle valve and allows the engine idling speed to be controlled. The IAC valve is used by the ECM to perform idle-up and its feedback signal is used as one factor in target engine idling speed regulation.
OBDII Code P0505 SCION - Idle Control System Malfunction - Engine-Codes.com

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